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Our LowPro Rail Attachment is a simple yet elegant design made to bring multiple functions to market in one small package.

One side is a traditional 4-position QD mount compatible with any reputable size male QD sling attachment the market offers.

The other side features an even more functional loop. This can be used in conjunction with our ArcBands to prevent them from jettisoning from the rifle upon deploying the sling, with 550 Cord for people who prefer that method of sling attachment (or those who tie down sensitive items), and HK sling hooks.

These include the rail attachment, two screws rated at 140,000 PSI, and the Allen key to install the screws.

These are made using MIM grade 17-4PH stainless steel powder, high temperature sintering, and a heat treatment process resulting in a hardness of >HRC 34. Coating is QPQ for black and PVD for the FDE.

Designed, Manufactured, and coated in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Roush
Best Dual use qd attachment

This thing is awesome! Dual purposes with use of the arc bands and having the 45 qd mount on top of the rail allows for the rifle to sit more natural when going hands on or switching to a secondary. Build quality is top notch! If you have a Geissele mk14-16 rail and want to run it towards the rear of the rail get the longer arc bands.

james cheung
Cool factor maxed out

Immediately bought one after seeing it on slade’s blaster @sc.irregulars .

So far so good, especially love the ring where u can put an arc band through just in case the sling mount fails.

However would really like to know the weight bearing of the arc bands or whether it could hold the weight of the rifle. Or possibly come up with metal buckle versions of the arcband.

Daniel Deller
Pretty awesome part

I'm really liking this on a buld I have with a 7.5" and it tucks right under the front of my optic. Saves space, solid and well put together. Well worth picking one up.

Slinging both ways

Dumped the Magpul fwd rail attach for this. The MP was twice the size. The Arcane is milled beautifully and is lighter and matches the quality as the rest of parts on my $3000.00 2nd amendment protector.

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Steve Chase
Great Gear

I’ll tell you what…. When you are working with a 10.5” or less rail space is at a premium. After throwing all your Batman gear on the rail you find yourself wondering just where the heck am I gonna get positive grip purchase of this weapon so I can point the business end at a target. This attachment gives you some more space to play with and more importantly (for me at least) keeps that sling out of the way…. Especially when I’m in complete and unfettered LARP mode and am switching shoulders. Well worth the $60+. Buy it. Attach it. Shoot off an email to AC thanking them for making your Noveske Gen 4 Shorty SBR that much more enjoyable.