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Patent Pending

Multi-Purpose retainer bands that can be used for securing cables and wires, slings, attaching a tourniquet to your kit, and much more. These are approximately 6.25" in length and stretch to 11". 

Recommended size for use around hand guards/rails. 

These are sold as a Pack of 2.

Length may vary by up to 3/8".

Made in the U.S.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Arguably one of the best organization pieces to come to market.

Sling? Wires? Pressure pads?

This will do it all and more. Can’t beat them, multiple color options. AC is killing it as always.

I wish I had found these earlier.

They work great for so many things. Wire management on your rifle, wire management on your plate carrier, holding TQ’s, securing camo wraps to your rifle and scope. The list can easily go on.

Everyone should have a few of these, if not for the above reasons than to secure any items that come lose during an operation, or range day.

Mark Gonzalez
Rad as hell.

I use mine for sling retention on a FCD quad rail and the standard length ones are a touch on the small side, but they do the job and look good doing it.

James Gilbreath
Cord management band

Awesome product. Looks great and fits perfectly around the hand guard of the AR style rifle. Works great to manage the cords of the weapon light and other attachments on the rifle. Easy to open and close when taking on and off.

Daniel Eichelberger
High Quality Gear, Excellent Service

The Arc Bands are a simple but ingenious method of securing your gear. Love em and want more now. Additionally, the customer service is fast and responsive. Great company!