T.A.R. Grip

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Thermal and Reverb Grip.

Made to protect your rail from dings when banging around, prevent and absorb vibration, and protect your hands from heat in intensive firing situations.  

Rail Covers include four of our Patent Pending ArcBands for mounting to the rifle. There are three channels built in for mounting, but only two are required for secure fitment.


Thin Size: Slim-line, lightweight rails (I.E. Geissele MK14/MK16, Aero ATLAS ONE, or similar width of approximately 1.5" outer diameter).

Mid Size: This size will fit most standard rail systems (I.E. Geissele MK8/MK4 or similar widths of 1.5" to 2".

Thicc size: Oversized rails will fall under this category. This is recommended for anything over 2" diameter.

Length of T.A.R. Grips are approximately 5.75"

M81, MCB, BDU, and DNC have limited material. Runs will be in limited numbers based on material availability.

Handmade in the U.S. with American Made products. Made from Cordura, kevlar thread, and a silicone lined kevlar fabric for heat resistance.

For custom sizes or fabrics, send us an Email for pricing and options.