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Patent Pending

Multi-Purpose retainer bands that can be used for securing cables and wires, slings, attaching a tourniquet to your kit, and much more. These are approximately 6.25" in length and stretch to 11". 

Recommended size for use around hand guards/rails. 

These are sold as a Pack of 2.

Length may vary by up to 3/8".

Made in the U.S.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
christian collazo
Arcband pair

Great exactly what i needed. Fast shipping too

Andrew Hawkes
Great Product

Can’t say enough about this bands they are exactly what I was looking for to help manage wires on my AR’s from the flashlights. They also work great for maintaining the sling and keeping it out of the way when I’m not using it. Will definitely be buying more and recommending them anywhere I can. Also shout out to Garand Thumb his videos is where I heard about them.

Zach G

If you intend to retain your stock with these, do it ! Such a great addition to my rifle

Brandon Michael Thomas
Super awesome

Very nice band i use for my slings. Highly recommend it. Also stays out of the way compared to bigger sling retainers.

Tavaski Gordon

I heard flannel daddy mentioned these in a video so I gave them a try and wow! You can feel the quality and see craftsmanship at work when you use these bands. They can be used for many things with a little imagination, I use them to hold my weapon light cables down and compress a few M-Lok rail covers that often come loose due to recoil.

The lock up is what’s mostly impressive for me because it completes the look for easy removal while looking cool (which really matters). The shipment was fast with clear communication all the way through. I’m looking to buy other colors in the future because they are now my go to for cable retention. I also received a coupon code with my shipment so that shows that these guys care. Give them a try!