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Patent Pending

Multi-Purpose retainer bands that can be used for securing cables and wires, slings, attaching a tourniquet to your kit, and much more. These are approximately 6.25" in length and stretch to 11". 

Recommended size for use around hand guards/rails. 

These are sold as a Pack of 2.

Length may vary by up to 3/8".

Made in the U.S.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jeffrey R.
Snail mail

I’m sure the product works great, but I’ve yet to receive it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Dave G.
Cable Management

Works great will definitely order more

Cable management and sling

High quality and fast shipping from Arcane Concerted! I saw it on Garand Thumb's rifle setup, and it works well on my rifle, serving as cable and sling management. It prevents the light cable from getting in the way while securing the folded sling on the other side.

Tanner Etzel
Great for slings

Bought these on the recommendation of flannel daddy and used them for sling retention. They look good and minimal and wrap around a quad rail pretty tightly. Very nice

Arthur Williams III
It Works

I need it to hold my sling. I use it with the buffer extension. It holds the sling and it releases on a pull. It works.